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Frame was founded by Pip Black and Joan Murphy, and launched in 2009 with the ethos being to create a fitness space that is fun, sociable and flexible enough to fit around a hectic lifestyle. And the duo have done just that.

As a Frame-devotee of three months now, the hip work out space, housed in Shoreditch’s achingly cool rail archers, has not only seen me undergo everything from religiously attending Saturday morning Cardio Kettlebell and Frame Method classes through to trying Box Fit, Ass and Abs, Reformer Pilates, Dynamic Yoga and even the Jane Fonda 80’s Aerobics class – I’ve really seen the results from the aforementioned classes.

No matter which class you choose to attend, Frame’s (truly dedicated) team of  instructors work tirelessly to push you to your limits and get the most out of your classes, in an encouraging and fun way; expect a pumping soundtrack of 80’s and 90’s classics.

With such a diverse range of classes, running back to back seven days a week, there’s definitely something to help everyone ‘love their frame.’image

Those who love to really push themselves, sweat, ache and see quick results should check out Box Fit – just lots of high energy boxing combos choreographed to music to build stamina and burn LOTS of calories; Ass and Abs – an aerobic warm-up followed by an intense session of conditioning work, focusing on achieving a pert butt and a flat stomach; or  Frame Cardio – 45 minute class using treadmills, bikes and plyometric exercises to ensure a full body workout: getting your heart racing and the sweat dripping.

Those who love to dance will really benefit from the likes of the Jane Fonda Tribute class, taking you back to the 80’s this legendary Jane Fonda-style class, was voted the number one fitness class in the UK by Harpers Bazaar. This class mixes high energy aerobics with sculpting exercises to burn calories and tone all over, complete with an instructor to rival Jane in both enthusiasm and leotards.

There’s also Street Jazz, Commercial Hip Hop and Music Video Classes, including a fun Pop-Up soon to launch a new Beyoncercise class at Pop Brixton.

Those in need of a decent stretch that works and lengthens every muscle can look to Reformer Pilates, Dynamic Reformer Pilates, Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Frame’s very own Rocket Yoga.image

Rocket yoga gets you moving, sweating, breathing and FLOWING like a mild rule breaking traditional yogi; think ‘heels in church’ – everybody gets to do what they want to do… The hard stuff, and the fun stuff, the body, the mind-stuff… You might not perfect it, but at least you get to try. With a musical soundtrack to keep you lifted. It’s advanced yoga for everybody not just the advanced.

If you want to get stretchier, fitter, calmer, longer, hotter and happier get on The Rocket.

Despite the emphasis on working hard and effectively for quick, noticeable results; this is an approachable space. The instructors aren’t intimidating and the classes not full of gym bunnies that have perfected their technique. This is an inspiring space for everyone that likes to see what they get out  to what they put in; whether you’re there four times a week, or opting to dip in and out of classes.

Membership options are flexible too: You can opt to pay £199 per  month for full access to every Frame site, including Kings Cross and Queens Park, covering the Reformer Pilates classes which usually work out at £20 a time. Alternatively you can opt for a Half Membership, with all of the same benefits as the Full Membership, limiting access to outside peak times.image

If this sounds like too much commitment, you can drop in at £9 – £25 per class, or get yourself a Frame Card and top it up at £50 a time, booking as and when you want at a discounted rate. As well as discounted class prices, the Frame Card offers further rewards, such as four free classes should you book four in a week.

If you want to look the part, Frame has also collaborated with high-fashion, high-street retailer Whistles to launch the Frame X Whistles; a stylish and innovative capsule active wear collection, sold at Whistles, online and in all Frame sites.

Work Your Frame. Move Your Frame. Love Your Frame.

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