Lonna Hamilton


Being a mildly health conscious individual is a must in American culture. The FDA does not appear to follow global standard practices of ensuring that the best and most nutritious food reaches its citizens as demonstrated in countries such as, Singapore, Italy, Australia, and Switzerland. 

I believe that holding myself accountable for my health and food choices, is the only thing that will help me steer clear of the treacherous waters of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure/cholesterol which plagues more American homes than one may realize.  In my effort ‘dieting fads’ and fasting have become commonplace as a means to achieve ideal health and energy levels.  Healthy choices are only difficult when you do not open your mind up to the importance of health, there are many delicious, low calorie natural sugar foods that are sweet and healthy like strawberries and melons. Fruits are an excellent way to get micro-nutrients and fulfil your sweet tooth desires! Diet fads can help kick start a healthier lifestyle and hopefully create a desire for permanent change that could ultimately increase your quality of life.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers remains a popular diet fad that has been around and tweaked for over 40 years. I actually remember, as a child sitting on the floor watching the commercial for the very ‘tasty and satisfying ‘ drinks. Weight Watchers has now evolved and morphed into one of the most utilized ways of dropping pounds. One of the many reasons for its success is the belief in eating what you want (in moderation); the focus on maintaining a balanced diet; and the support system. The support system which comprises of trained employees and other members who rally together to maintain motivation is probably the most pinnacle piece of the entire program.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet, underwent a drastic makeover from limitless bacon, it now focuses on the consumption of lean protein, low-fat dairy and good carbs. Cardiologist, Arthur Afaston, MD of Florida developed this diet in order to help patients with cardiovascular disease. There is also a focus on eating this diet before hunger strikes. Dr Afaston purposed this as a means of reducing overeating and to keep weight down. This plan was adapted to become a lifestyle change rather than a method of  ‘dropping’ a few pounds to fit into a bikini.Mediterranean Diet -Seafood, Olive OIl, Cheese, Healthy Living

Mediterranean Diet

Ahhhhh, the Mediterranean Diet! Here we have a diet based on the Greek lifestyle; the staples of this diet focus on seafood, nuts and legumes, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oils and even red wine (in moderation!). Large quantities of seafood, are not really ideal as we now know the mercury levels of aquatic sea creatures are rather high. However, of the fads listed thus far this one is my favourite, by moderating the seafood consumption I can understand the benefits of adapting to this diet as a lifestyle choice.

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Foods Diet is (to me) generally speaking, the best and most natural way to ideal health. This fad is based on the elimination of processed foods and focuses on mass consumption of fresh produce. It also restricts food temperatures of above 116-118 degrees Fahrenheit as a means of preserving the enzymes and nutrition density found in fresh produce. The simplicity of this diet yields maximum consumption of macro and micro nutrients as well as photo nutrients which are vital for cellular health.Superfood Salad -Raw Diet

In my most humble opinion, I do believe that the Raw Food Diet is the most comparable plan for maximum nutrition. Mass consumption of fruits and vegetables yields the highest maximum quality of cellular health than any of the aforementioned fads.  Though this type of diet is very challenging and calls for planning; lots of food preparation and virtually no dinning out, the benefits are favourable.


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