Sharon Reid


Tucked at the top of Brick Lane is the newly opened, frozen yogurt parlour, Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co., a clean, bright space, tastefully decorated with milk urns and splashes of graffiti on the walls courtesy of a local graff artist. Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co. is a fro yo haven with a strong emphasis on provenance; the fruit and baked goods are locally sourced; and Britishness – if you prefer your yoghurt topped with nostalgia then fill your boots with the ‘Great British Biscuit’ selection think Jammie Dodgers®, Pink Wafers, Bourbon creams, Party Rings® and ‘squashed fly’ Garibaldis to name a few.

Sloane Bros’ yoghurts are made with milk sourced from British dairies, the thick and creamy consistency is at odds with the fat –free origins – the taste is so indulgent your mind will be convinced that you are eating ice cream!FROZEN YOGHURT SLOANE BROTHERS - Interior, Graffetti

Choose from a selection of flavours: Natural, Chocolate, Berries and the staff’s current favourite, Dulce de Leche, there is also Tropical a non-dairy option, made from coconut milk.

Throughout the summer the team will be carefully monitoring the weather; as soon as temperatures rise to 30˚C, a generous discount of 25% will be awarded, keep an eye on Sloane Bros’. social media and the blackboard outside the parlour for further announcements. If you can’t wait that long – let’s face it there is no guarantees when it comes to predicting British weather! – Then hotfoot it down to Brick Lane, for some fat –free fro yo.FROZEN YOGHURT SLOANE BROTHERS

Prices start from £2.95 for a small yoghurt, toppings are priced at either 65p each or 60p each if you order three upwards. For further information please visit: