Sharon Reid


According to weather forecasters a second heatwave is due during the last two weeks of July, great news for sun seekers; for me basking in the heat brings a sense of euphoria. The predicted heatwave is not so great for those who detest hot weather – when the temperature rises above 24˚C people adverse to warmer climates succumb to a heat –induced panic. However, respite is at hand in the form of Natural Retreats CairnGorm Mountain in Scotland. CairnGorm Mountain offers various cooling off solutions, from engaging in a snow ball fight courtesy of  the mountain’s snow patches; to taking an invigorated dip in Loch Morlich – the freshwater loch at the foot of the mountain.

Access to the top of CairnGorm Mountain is made possible via the UK’s highest funicular railway, after a 10 minute journey visitors can take part in mountain bike riding and guided walks – taking in the striking alpine –arctic landscape which is home to a number of rare species including the red squirrel, black grouse and ptarmigan.CairnGorm Mountain Railway, Scotland

Care is taken to ensure that recreational activities does not damage the environment, further information about Natural Retreats’ conservation efforts can be found in the Mountain Exhibition at the top of the funicular.

CairnGorm Mountain is also home to Ptarmigan, the UK’s highest restaurant, at over 1,097 metres above sea level, Ptarmigan’s terrace offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding National Park.CairnGorm Mountain - Mountain Walking

To escape the pending heat, book an activity at Natural Retreats CairnGorm Mountain.


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