A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Oliver Du Toit, Director of Fourex.

Setting up a new business requires motivation, foresight and vision, along with a very strong and competent team surrounding you. I am a great believer in short, frequent, objective-focused meetings which quickly inform the team of the main objectives, who is responsible for achieving these, and fixing dates and targets which are clearly understood by everyone.

The harder I work, the luckier I become, so it’s a six to seven day concentrated effort by me to ensure the team is motivated and empowered in order to make decisions without the cumbersome hierarchy system most companies face. What’s good for the business is the right decision.

I’m very fortunate to have a great Co-Founder, Jeff Paterson, who handles the majority of the media, which leaves me to focus on the technical aspects of running the business.  A typical working day is as follows:

5:00: Awake and ready to roll, I usually take a quick 10 minutes to plot my objectives for the day before checking my emails from the night before, which are usually from international suppliers, franchises, and investors. I always prioritise these – do they need to be answered immediately, or can they wait until I check again in the evening?

Oliver Du Toit and Jeff Paterson -Fourex

Oliver Du Toit and Jeff Paterson -Fourex

6:00: I eat a quick breakfast and head down to the factory to start the day and outline the staff’s objectives. I also prepare the currency logistics vehicles coming in from the various sites and email the staff to let them know of the requirements.

7:00: Staff arrive and start to process the dispatched cassettes from the previous day. They then begin to prepare the stocking requirements for the next evening run which goes out at 14:00 for delivery at midnight.

8:00: A meeting with my Co-Founder and relevant Heads to iron out any problems and assist with suggestions and mitigation as required.

8:30: I then usually meet with the design team for infrastructure debugging and set reports for the accounting system.Fourex kiosk

9:30: Then it’s onto a meeting with the computer-aided design developers on integration development for the forthcoming machines. We review coding methods and development tools to ensure there are no problems.

10:00: After these meetings, I’ll usually get on the phone to our suppliers’ procurement department to arrange materials for future developments.

11:00: Now it’s strategy time! I like to take an hour or so to think of some innovative developments that will move the company forward.

12.00: Break for a quick lunch.Fourex kiosk

12:30: After lunch, it’s time for a conference call with international franchisee’s and established operational compliances and data recovery to discuss opportunities and any problems.

13:30: I then meet with the financial team to determine short-term and long-term currency fluctuations.

14:00: A short meeting with our software developers to ensure currency rates have been addressed in the market.

14:30: Liaise with our PR and Marketing teams.

15:30: I take an hour to refer to, and analyse, dashboard trends in order to generate reports for our shareholders.

16:30: Then it’s off to the gym for an hour – every day! This is essential to keep my stress levels down and allows for thought processing.

17:30: I usually try to head home, but often end up staying later if I need to work on a special project. It all depends on what’s happening with the business on a particular day, and whether there are any urgent matters which have arisen and need to be addressed.

18:00: Time to relax and enjoy dinner with my supportive and loving wife.

19:00: After dinner, I connect with factory dashboards to determine whether logistics are on track for the night collection runs.

19.30 – 21:00/22:00: Before bed, I like to catch up with my emails.


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