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The office space has been reimagined over recent years – it’s no longer trendy to work in cubicles, with a pokey staffroom containing one coffee machine that only works when it feels like it.

As we’re situated at the heart of the conference calling world, there’s nothing we love more than a spot of remote working. Now, thanks to technology, people are getting away from their desks and into the free Wi-Fi world of cafés and co-working spaces.

As such, we made it our mission to celebrate all the top spots for remote working in the nation’s capital – where no conference is complete without a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

How we went about it

We conducted a survey of over 300 of our customers to see where they like to go when they want a change of scenery to their usual office space.

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Gareth Foster – Marketing Director at Pow Wow Now

We also delved into the world of social media, and asked the users of Twitter where they like to go for a cup of tea and some freely available Wi-Fi to complement their working lives.

Cafés and coffee shops came out at the top of the pile, however co-working stations were the second most popular choice for remote workers. The results highlighted that these bespoke spaces are becoming more and more popular, and are fast becoming the norm.

Knowing me, knowing you

We headed off to visit the co-working stations that were suggested to us, to find out a bit more about how they operate, as well as what kind of clientèle they welcome through their doors on a daily basis.

We discovered that everywhere receives a real mix of folk who like to work remotely in these innovative spaces, though the likes of start-up investors and entrepreneurs were two common mentions across the various co-working stations’ answers.

One co-working station stated that they frequently play host to a freelance bonsai tree arboriculturist, who sports the best mullet they’ve ever witnessed!

Mothers with babies and even the elderly have been seen to indulge in a bit of remote working too, while app designers and perhaps unsurprisingly, students, also liked to get away from their desks at every opportunity.

Here’s to the future!

Through liaising with a host of co-working stations across the capital, we’ve found that people from all walks of life are now using these creative spaces every day, and they’re not simply favoured by those who live and work on the limit of cutting-edge trends.

These places are also not confined by people who want to essentially use them as 9-5 office spaces, as it was revealed that, conversely, some workers prefer to simply drop by for an hour or two, for the likes of a conference call.

One thing’s for sure, the availability of secure Wi-Fi has completely changed the face of how we live and work. But while this trend is thoroughly on the rise in London, only time will tell when it comes to seeing how co-working stations will expand across the rest of the country.


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