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I recall having a conversation with an over weight acquaintance who insisted that her weight gain was attributed to her genetic make –up, admittedly, during the course of our conversation my cynicism did get the better of me, now before I receive a barrage of ‘fat phobic,’ accusations (yawn) please read on. It transpires that said acquaintance was indeed correct, well according to the science; our genes can reveal our sensitivity to carbohydrates, salt and caffeine, along with indicating lactose or gluten intolerance. DNA profiling can also assess injury risk, aerobic potential and physical endurance.

Ibiza’s luxury fitness retreat, 38 Degrees North take a bespoke and integrated approach to well-being, and with the help of their DNAFit programme they are able to offer a targeted, personal way to improve your health.

Prior to arrival on the island a sample of your DNA is taken via a mouth swab. Your unique DNA will be analysed and discussed upon arrival and throughout your stay.Max Lawless © -38 Degrees North, DNAFit, Ibiza, Kick Boxing on bbeach

38 Degrees North offer fitness holidays on a residential and non‐residential basis, partnering with some of the island’s leading luxury hotels.

Nestled in the coastal town of Santa Eulalia, the retreat overlooks the sea, beaches and stunning scenery, what better setting for participating in a range of outdoor exercises for all-round fitness and mental focus. Exercises are carefully constructed to: strengthen, tone, burn fat, raise metabolic rates, and improve flexibility. In addition expect a comprehensive fitness programme comprising of: yoga, circuits, running, boxing, cycling and aerobics, along with outdoor activities focused on getting guests to see the hidden parts of this wonderful island: picture stand up paddle boarding across turquoise seas and mountain biking along pine scented trails.Max Lawless © -38 Degrees North, DNAFit, Ibiza, Group Running on Beach, Ibiza

An exceptional team of mind and body experts are on hand to make you feel and look your absolute best, ranging from: a former UK Kickboxing Champion, ex‐Army PT, paddle boarding instructors, nutritionist, chiropractor, to a ‘transformational coach’ in addition to dancing, Yoga and Pilates teachers.38 Degrees North, DNAFit -Yoga rooftop, Ibiza, Spain

If you are looking for the perfect balance of sunshine and sea; access to a world class fitness team, fresh, seasonal food; and luxurious spa treatments, get DNAFit at 38 Degrees North, for a sense of well –being and long –term results.

DNAFit IBIZA costs from £2500 including 5 –star accommodation and activities (excludes flights) until October 2015.


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