Sharon Reid


You are what you eat! If you want your outer beauty to match your inner then head down to contemporary Chinese restaurant Chai Wu in Harrods and check out their newly launched Ladies Lunch menu. Bursting with keratin and protein – essentials for glossy hair and clear skin, the eight –course tasting menu is designed to be the ultimate, extravagant experience for health conscious customers.Chai Wu - Front Of House

The eight –course tasting menu created to tantalise taste buds, features delicate seafood dim sum such as: Steamed lobster and sea bass crystal dumplings; Crispy, charcoaled salmon marinated in Manuka honey, Shaoxing wine and mandarin. Health-induced Wheatgrass and avocado shooters are also served alongside Poached Shanghainese chicken clear soup with collagen jelly. A Green tea fondant, milk and collagen ice cream pudding follows a sweet Edible lipstick treat and Champagne.Chai Wu - Ladies Lunch -Delicately Steamed Lobster & Sea Bass Crystal Dumplings

To indulge in edible beauty try the Ladies Lunch menu at Chai Wu. Cost from £70 per person from Sunday –Friday, from 12pm – 5pm.


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