A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Jessica Kruger, owner and founder of  self -service, meat -free restaurant, Ethos.

I founded Ethos in September last year and I’m pleased to say it has grown from strength to strength. My days can be quite long but the sense of achievement that running your own restaurant gives is worth every minute. You never know what is going to happen when arriving in a morning, but here is a typical working day for me:

06:30: I wake up and do some strength exercises and weights at home.

07:30: I look at my emails and catch up on the news over breakfast then start working from home on my ‘to do’ list for that day.

09:30: I arrive at work and check in with the manager and chef, making sure I say hello to every staff member I come across on the way to my desk, taking time to have a brief chat with a few of them.

Ethos Restaurant - Ower, Jessica Kruger

Jessica Kruger – Ethos

10:00: Morning management meeting – we start off by checking in with everyone to see how they are. We each identify one positive thing from the day before. We then speak about what’s happening in the kitchen and front of house, provide any updates on upcoming special events or catering and each person names their priority for the day.

11:00: I’ll stop by the kitchen to check that lunch service is on track. Once the food starts coming out I will do a tour of the buffet pods to ensure all the food meets our presentation standards. If I see anything that doesn’t fit the bill, I’ll call over the chef or the manager and ask what they think. I’m trying to get the team to a point where they will notice these things for themselves and take ownership.

12:00: Feeling peckish by this time, I grab a plate and take a small piece from a number of different dishes to spot check the taste and seasoning. Anything that doesn’t meet the standard is sent back in to be corrected.

14:00: I try to make time each day to devote to strategy and ‘working on’ the business rather than ‘in the business.’ETHOS Restaurant - Cakes & Pastries

15:00: This will usually be a time when I meet with one of my managers or the chefs to discuss a specific project or to problem solve. In the mornings everyone is busy preparing for lunch, however by 3pm the lunch rush is over and we all have more time to dedicate to brainstorming and to discuss any issues.

16:00: Trying to ensure I make it outside at least once in the day, I will have a bit of a break and run any errands – bank, post office, general supplies. It’s time for me to clear my head a little from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. I often find myself remembering a lot of other things I need to follow up on.

17:00: Towards the end of the day I’m double-checking my to-do list and trying to tie up loose ends. I’ll walk around the restaurant and kitchen, speaking to people, checking in to see if there are any issues, or to discuss the development of a new dish.Ethos Restaurant exterior, London

18:00: The rest of the day I spend attending to emails that have built up during the day, liaising with my bookkeeper, accountant, the marketing manager and our PR company, along with a whole host of other items.

20:00: I’ll leave work and head home for dinner, wind down a bit and continue with outstanding emails and items on my ‘to-do’ list – which seems to be always increasing!

For further information please visit: www.ethosfoods.com