Teresa Lee


Nestled in the heart of corporate fairyland Canary Wharf is the cool and contemporary One Canada Square. This sophisticated eatery boasts a wide selection of menu choices – from champagne breakfasts to bottomless brunches, a la carte and bar dining to seasonal menus, and more besides.

James and I arrived for dinnertime. Upon sitting, we were presented with a fresh, warm round loaf of bread with butter to nibble on. To start, I had a luscious Scallop ceviche dish from their seasonable menu, which was accompanied by a fine Truffle mousse. Because I am a closeted hipster who believes in fresh, seasonal grub, my main was also from the seasonal menu: Black-face lamb belly, with a delectable melt-in-the-mouth texture, though the accompanying sauce was a little on the salty side. James opted to start with a delicious seasonal Crab dish, served with Melba toast, and for mains went for the achingly tender a lá carte Gressingham duck breast with heritage beetroots, fennel, caramelised clementine and sweet wine sauce. On the side we had some Creamed spinach and Jersey Royal boiled potatoes with an unusual Seaweed butter, all delightful.1 Canada Square SCALLOPS, Canary Wharf

For dessert, we had the Chocolate brownie with popcorn ice cream, also the Honey and almond cake with honeycomb ice cream. The ice creams were rather disappointing; not very creamy and a little on the watery side, but the almond cake is definitely worth a try. We were also presented with a small dish of Petit fours, which was a nice surprise; the little orange jellies are worth a taste. The dessert menu also boasts an impressive selection of whiskeys. While I sipped on peppermint tea, James went for a robust Scottish whiskey, which he thoroughly enjoyed (and one would hope, at £65 a dram).1 Canada Square Restaurant, Bar Area, Canary Wharf

Overall, we had a wonderful evening at One Canada Square. The staff were lovely and the place is so cool it eschews even a normal staircase, opting for a stylish though confusing split zigzag formula to navigate the upstairs toilets – which, by the way, are a real treat, with folded flannels for drying your hands – after all, it’s the little details that make life fun.


Overall Verdict:

Price – £170 – the whiskey really bumped up the price.

Service – Welcoming, warm and highly attentive; I don’t believe I had to refill my own water once. The décor is unobtrusive and undefined.

Ambience – Quiet, relaxed, and with chilled out house music playing softly in the background when we were there.

Bathroom: 5/5 once you figure out the confusing doorknobs, a haven of cleanliness and folded flannels awaits.


For reservations and further information please visit: onecanadasquarerestaurant.com