Your office is much more than simply a place to work. It also constitutes a major part of your company’s image. If you get your workspace design right, you can give your business’ brand a significant boost. On the other hand, if you get it wrong, you risk doing damage to your reputation and putting potential customers off. To help ensure your office is up-to-scratch as a branding tool, take a look at these simple but effective design tips.

Create a space that instils confidence

First and foremost, bear in mind that quality counts when you’re planning your office. Peeling paintwork, dilapidated desks, piles of paperwork and other design flaws could seriously harm your enterprise’s image. On the other hand, a neat, well planned workspace featuring top-notch furnishings, décor and design accessories will help to instil confidence in your customers.

Pay particular attention to the areas where your visitors will spend most time, like your reception and boardroom. According to Calibre Furniture, the tables, desks and other features that you select for your boardroom should reflect the success of your company. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of furnishings and accessories on offer that can help you to enhance the look and feel of your office. From stylish reception desks to luxurious boardroom seating, you won’t be stuck for choice.Calibre Furniture -category195

Choose the perfect colour scheme

Colour is a design detail that’s often overlooked by businesses when they are designing their work areas. Given that the hue of office walls can play a major role in affirming a company’s identity, this is a big mistake. To send out a consistent brand message to anyone who visits your premises, you’ll need to ensure that colour of your workspace reflects your firm’s general ethos. For example, if you’re keen to present your business as traditional, neutral colours could work perfectly. Alternatively, if you want to emphasise your firm’s contemporary, creative qualities, more vibrant hues may work better.

Try to include your corporate colours in your design scheme too. This will help to reinforce your brand message.Calibre Furniture -category476

Send out a clear message with your signage

Another top tip is to use plenty of branded signage in and around your office. By showcasing your firm’s name and logo in this way, you can increase your company’s visibility and present a professional image. In contrast, if your premises are lacking these design details, you risk appearing amateur or simply going unnoticed. People want to know exactly where they are and who they’re dealing with when they step into your office.

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