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Do you find yourself overwhelmed and struggle to focus on projects and adapt to ever evolving situations? Could you benefit from being more productive? If the answer is yes, The GTD® Mastering Workflow seminar could be an ideal way for you to achieve focus and clarity.

Following the April launch of the new edition of David Allen’s best selling book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Next Action Associates, the only company in the UK and Ireland certified to teach the GTD methodology, is bringing its productivity workshops to audiences in London and Edinburgh.

The GTD® Mastering Workflow seminar is scheduled to take place on Thursday 6th August, 9-5pm, at Wallacespace Clerkenwell Green, London, and on Thursday 13th August, 9-5pm, at The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh. The GTD® Mastering Workflow is a one day hands-on seminar that presents the ground breaking GTD methodology for achieving control in a world of constant change and ever-increasing input. This powerful programme delivers a highly effective and sustainable way to gain greater levels of personal productivity.

Attendees will gain practical techniques, increase their productivity, and they will do so while maintaining a clear mind and the confidence that they are consistently focused on the right things.Next Action Associates

David Allen’s Getting Things Done was hailed by Time, as ‘the definitive business self-help book of the decade’  when it was first published fifteen years ago, GTD® has since become shorthand for an entire culture of personal organisation that offers to change the way people work and live. Now the veteran coach and management consultant has rewritten the text from start to finish, tweaking his classic text with new perspectives on today’s workplace.

Next Action Associates is the only company in the UK and Ireland certified to teach the GTD methodology. They are uniquely qualified to support individuals and organisations of all sizes to achieve the focus and clarity that GTD provides. They also enable people to:

  • Apply the ‘do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it’ rule to get their inbox empty
  • Re-assess goals and stay focused in changing situations
  • Plan and unstick projects
  • Overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety and being overwhelmed
  • Feel fine about what they’re not doing

Next Action Associates are offering Mi Business Mag readers discounts  for the forthcoming London and Edinburgh GTD® Mastering Workflow seminars. Simply click on the links below and enter the following promotional codes:



The new edition of Getting Things Done by David Allen is published by Piatkus.