A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Birgit Gunz, Managing Director of artisan bakery, Frankonia.

Running a busy 24/7 wholesale bakery is not for the faint-hearted! There is always lots going on and I am constantly pulled into different directions. As a result no two days are ever quite the same and there can be lots of variations especially when I am flying about between customers during the day but a typical day could be as follows:

6:00: Up and off to the gym. I like to get this out of the way because I never know whether I will manage to go later in the day as my days can be a bit unpredictable sometimes as I might get stuck dealing with something.

8:00: I take 15 minutes to have breakfast at work. I enjoy these 15 minutes because it is still my own time where I have the opportunity to think, and maybe have an idea for a new product.

Birgit Gunz - Frankonia Bakery

Birgit Gunz – Frankonia Bakery

8:15: I catch up on emails, and whilst it is still quiet I check what is in my diary and map out my day ahead. I love early mornings before the phone starts to ring. It is my most creative and productive time of the day.

8:45: I have a meeting with my Operations Manager who will update me on the production from the night before and make me aware of anything that I might have to deal with or problems we have to find solutions for. This is a really important time for me because my ear is to the ground and I find out everything that has gone on, good or bad; it is crucial to be aware of what happens when I am not here. We might also discuss other matters to do with operations i.e. equipment.

9:30: Catch up with clients regarding special projects, new products or anything that might be going on with them.

11:00: Strategy time. I will deal with anything that has to do with making the business move forward.Frankonia Bakery - Bread

12:30: Break for a 30 minute lunch. I try and get some fresh air to clear my head and refresh my mind but it doesn’t always work out that way.

13:00: Liaising with other departments such as Accounts and Technical to check that all runs according to plan. These departments are quite self-sufficient but I still like to know what is happening so I take a bit of time to catch up especially with Technical who deal with Health and Safety etc.

13:30: Back to strategy again, dealing with taking the company ahead.

14:30: I have a meeting with my Head of Production. We discuss any issues that have arisen, product development and any staff or equipment related matters.Frankonia Bakery - Loaf of Bread

15:30: I spend a bit of time on our production floor to stay connected with the Bakers and find out from them what has been going on. It is amazing what I can find out about the goings on at the bakery by just chatting to them and they like also staying connected.

16:00: Back to strategy and dealing with any loose ends before the end of the day.

18.00: Head home or meet a client for dinner, or I might stay late and work on a special project. It depends entirely on what is going on that week.

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