Sharon Reid


It is World Gin Day on Saturday 13th June, to celebrate treat yourself to a Green Bastard, one of the signature cocktails at Scott Hallsworth’s Japanese lounge, Kurobuta – this playful drink contains medori (a Japanese melon liqueur) and bitter lime with hints of cooling cucumber – the perfect sweet and sour cooler for a summer’s day. Alternatively, if you feel like making this yourself see below for the secret recipe!


30ml Hendricks Gin

20ml Midori

15ml Sugar Syrup

15ml Lime Juice

10ml Egg White

4  chunks of muddled cucumber

slices of cucumber as garnish


muddle the cucumber and gin together, pour into a shaker with the rest of the ingredients and a scoop of ice, shake it hard, strain into a short glass and top with a couple of cucumber slices……paper bags are optional!


Remember to drink responsibly.