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Gin was once considered the scourge of mid 18th century London whereby the drinking of gin had reached epidemic proportions. During the 1730’s gin was cheap and readily available especially amongst the poor who could not afford French wines and brandy.

Gin was sold by barbers, pedlars, and grocers; it was also available on market stalls. The affordable price and inevitable drunken ‘buzz’ were easy enticements; typical notices across 1730’s London would state the following:

*‘Drunk for 1 penny, Dead drunk for tuppence, Straw for nothing!!’

 This easy access had detrimental consequences: *Gin rendered men impotent and women sterile, and was a major reason why the birth rate in London at this time was exceeded by the death rate. In addition, such was the appetite that people, sold, their furniture, homes and even their families! A ‘Gin Act’ was passed by the government of the day which raised the duty on gin and forbade anyone from selling it.Ginabelle Plum Gin - Tapas Revolution - Shoreditch

Fortunately gin has shed its sleazy 18th century image, and surprisingly the Spanish are now the worlds’ biggest gin consumers, so it is fitting that Shoreditch tapas bar, Tapas Revolution celebrate Spain’s national favourite tipple with the introduction of five carefully chosen Spanish Gin Tonics. The unveiling of this menu coincides with World Gin Day on Saturday 13th June.

The Spanish enthusiasm for gin and tonic, affectionately known as ‘gin tonic’ in Spain, has spawned specialist gin bars which serve tapas alongside carefully sourced gins from Canadian, Dutch and Finnish distillers. Spanish Chef and founder of Tapas Revolution, Omar Allibhoy, is on a mission to import the Spanish passion for gin and tapas, the Shoreditch Bar is his third and follows the critically acclaimed Tapas Revolution in Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush) and Tapas Revolution in Bluewater (Kent).

Omar serves gins distilled exclusively in Spain from the Balearic Islands and the Galician region. Omar’s new gin menu includes: Ginabelle Plum Gin, infused with redberry tea & Fevertree Indian tonic (£9); Larios 12 & Fevertree Indian tonic, served with juniper and olive (£8.50); Menorcan Xoriguer gin, served with Fevertree lemonade as is typical in Menorca and traditionally called a ‘Pomada’  (£8.50).Gin Mare & Fever-Tree -Tapas Revolution - Shoreditch

For a taste of Spain and the opportunity to revolutionise your taste buds head down to Tapas Revolution. Please note, reservations are not taken, just simply turn up and you will be seated as soon as possible.


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