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With specially formulated and inspiring fitness classes running from 6:30am to 8:30pm on week days and from 9:00am to 6:30pm on weekends and bank holidays; the classes at Frame are about guaranteeing incredible results with a laid-back approach, allowing you to drop by any time and try something new, or get fit by doing something you normally wouldn’t, like Bend it like Barbie or Jane Fonda style aerobics.

Frame was created to make working out fun, flexible and efficient, offering five exciting and varied signature workout classes which move seamlessly through exercises; 24 high intensity Cardio classes; eight dance classes to get fit while moving your frame to some great music; 12 yoga options serving as a tonic for your mind and body, relieving stress, tight muscles and anxiousness; four pilates classes including a dynamic reformer class; prenatal classes, personal training programmes, bootcamps and Frame holidays.

The dance, fitness and holistic studio is right smack-bang in the middle of the greatest two little suburbs in the entire world; Shoreditch and Queen’s Park and this piece follows part one of my month-long Frame Shoreditch review.

After my first Saturday morning Cardio Kettlebell class, feeling smug – and the burn – I returned to Frame a week later for a second round of Cardio Kettlebell, followed by a Frame Method class.Move Your Frame - Kettlebell
Cardio Kettlebell is an exceptionally effective complete body workout using every muscle you have. Participants pick from a range of Kettlebell weights and to the beat of a pumping soundtrack, use the weights to wrap figures of eights round their bodies, add intensity to lunges and squats and swing their arms thin! The combination of mid intensity cardio, fast footwork, body-weight-only press ups and your kettle bells means while you definitely wake up aching, ladies need not worry about bulking up. Expect a slimmer frame and lean limbs.

Unique to any other fitness classes I have experienced, Cardio Kettlebell at Frame not only varies the cardio sequences each week, but the instructor as well; meaning this is a class your body won’t get used to and the results even more visible. Having braced myself for push-ups and to speed up my “figures of eight” after week one, the game was changed with a fast-paced lunge and squat heavy class, never without a 8kg kettle bell in hand, culminating in serious ab work.

What is consistent to Frame’s Cardio Kettlebell class, however, was the generous helping of pumping old-skool jungle, variety and attitude to keep you entertained and motivated. Led by original instructors this class is designed to push you to your comfortable limit and generate results. That serious burn, lingering for two days post class, means that with such torn and healing muscles, calories will continue to burn in your biggest muscle group, toning your thighs for summer.

Move Your Frame - ShoreditchAfter a class like Cardio Kettlebell it would be worthwhile treating your limbs to a holistic and stretching class like yoga; however if you’re keen to really push yourself, stay on for a Frame Method class.
Not dissimilar to ballet or barrecorre, this class is a series of simple isometric exercises that strengthen and stretch every muscle group in the body to create a long, lean and sculpted physique.

Aided by a combination of small equipment: the ballet barre, Pilates ball, Frame cushion and a yoga strap and utilising your own body weight. This vigorous, energetic but low-impact class takes place at the barre and on the mat.

Channel your inner ballerina and expect gruelling, lengthy periods of pliés, planks and lower ab work. All your muscle groups will be targeted individually with dynamic exercises to the point of fatigue, raising your heart rate and maximizing your hour.

Founded by Pip Black and Joan Murphy, Frame Shoreditch launched in 2009, the ethos being to create a fitness space that is fun, sociable and flexible enough to fit around a hectic lifestyle.

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