Sharon Reid


Take a creative hub like Shoreditch; have you ever wondered what lies behind the closed studio doors? Maeve Staunton’s curiosity led to the setting up of Nerd Nation Shoreditch, a series of events acknowledging various creative’s. Inspiration for this business came when Maeve noticed that the courtyard where she lived (in Shoreditch) was also home to a sound studio, a film editing suite, a digital film agency, two design magazines and a carpenter’s work shop which also housed six people. Knowing that her courtyard was the epicentre for so much talent, Maeve wondered what other talent was lurking behind all the other doors in Shoreditch – hence the launch of Nerd Nation in October 2014. The ethos behind Nerd Nation is creating a community of designers, entrepreneurs and tech bods, enabling them to come together and collaborate, thus forming a real world social network. Put simply, Nerd Nation is about taking the information out of the desktop and into the real world via speaking events.

The Next Event

Nerd Nation is teaming up with Adrem Design Group during Clerkenwell Design Week and will host six speakers, amongst them are: Architectural Photographer, Ed Reeve, Dr Colin Beattie, from John Robertson Architects  and Sam Mason, Coder, Developer and Lecturer at successful start up and code school, Steer. All the speakers will use 20 slides (20 seconds per slide) for a six minute presentation.

Nerd Nation Shoreditch, Wednesday 20th May 18:30 -21:00. Tickets cost £5.50 and include a FREE drink. For further information please visit: Nerd Nation