Sharon Reid


Could you handle eating a sandwich measuring almost the same height as lofty footballer Peter Crouch? No, me neither! To mark this year’s British Sandwich Week (11th – 17th May 2015), artisan bakery, Frankonia, thought it would be a great idea to produce a gigantic hand -crafted two metre long baguette. This massive munch has been created using top quality ingredients: 5kg of dough made with French Label Rouge flour – a 12 hour fermentation period was applied for maximum flavour. This beast of a butty is filled with, tender pulled pork from The Franconian Sausage Company, mounds of coleslaw and lashings of tangy BBQ sauce. The pulled pork – made from English Red Tractor pigs, is marinated in a secret spice blend, before being hot smoked for six hours and then slow cooked at a low temperature for another six hours. Such attention to detail can only be expected from Frankonia Bakery who supply some of the country’s top premium chefs and catering companies with bespoke gourmet bread. Birgit Gunz, owner of Frankonia Bakery, is rightfully proud of the super size sandwich:

“We love playing with different sized and flavoured breads in the bakery – no chef or client request is ever too challenging for us and we’re extremely passionate about high- quality ingredients and artisan baking methods. We’re really proud of this one-off sandwich that we’ve created – not only does it taste amazing it also looks the part and we had heaps of fun making it.”

Novelty aside, Frankonia Bakery have donated the massive munch to the Soup Kitchen in London which is run by The American Church, Tottenham Court Road, London.

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