Sharon Reid


Our much anticipated ‘heatwave’ has failed to surface, despite the newspapers’ screaming headlines declaring, ‘Britain Set to Sizzle in Three Month Heatwave!’ While you wait for the elusive heatwave why not create your own summer? Crank up the central heating and pour yourself a glass of newly launched Wild Elderflower Spritz, a refreshing, sparkling, perry based drink, with a dash of gin and a delicate floral elderflower flavour which resonates with the taste of summer. Wild Elderflower Spritz can be served as an alternative to white white, at 5.4% it’s much lighter, yet just as elegant.

Wild Elderflower Spritz comes in a handy 250 ml bottle – pour 75%  into a tall/wine glass, over ice. Squeeze and drop a slice of lime into the glass and serve.Glass of Wild Elderflower Spritz with lime

Go wild with Elderflower Spritz at a BBQ, festival or in your centrally heated front room!

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Remember to drink responsibly.