Sharon Reid


Back in the day when things were cool – Back in the Day, Erykah Badu.

Erykah Badu articulates what every generation utters to the younger generation. Were things really more cool ‘back in the day?’  Or are we prone to romanticising our particular era? There is no doubt that things change, it’s all part of progression triggered by social movements, and popular culture which inevitably transitions into social engineering.

With the changes each generation is subjected to, there appears to be a divergence of opinion and ideas between the generations, or is there? Casual, clothing brand Cotton Traders conducted a study in order to compare generations and highlight the differences in attitudes towards a range of subjects including sex before marriage. Surprisingly, people aged 60+ and those aged 18 -24 nearly agreed about sex before marriage. Only 70% of people in the younger group said they’d do it, and only 65% for over-60s. This suggests that millennials are more old-fashioned than we think!

Cotton Traders based their study on a sample of 1,000 recipients with ages ranging from 12 -60+ and covered a variety of subjects; pocket money, lost traditions and love, sex and marriage: