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Our infatuation with Instagram shows no signs of abating as we continue to chronicle every aspect of our lives from mealtime snaps, to the ubiquitous selfie. Capturing our travels is also a firm favourite; a study by Google revealed that 83% of online travellers seek inspiration from social media sites before booking their holiday, this comes as no surprise – artfully filtered shots of holiday destinations consistently garner plenty of ‘likes.’

Holiday home –owner site Love Home Swap were curious to find out which are the most ‘Instafamous’ capital cities in the world, their research revealed the following:

The Top 5 Instagrammed capital cities and the most popular hashtags

  1.  London #londonlife
  2. Paris #parisian
  3. Moscow #moscowcity
  4. Jakarta #jakartafashion
  5. Berlin #berlinwall

London Calling

There was a staggering 31.3 million Instagram posts dedicated to my fair city, known for its diverse population and strong heritage it’s no wonder that London continues to reign supreme when it comes to visitors.

Paris for Lovers

We associate Paris with romance, sophistication, art and fashion; hence Paris’ number two ranking and the obligatory kissing shots in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Obscure City

Coming in at number 60 is Kazakhstans’ capital city Astana. Even though Kazakhstan is synonymous with the fictional Borat, Astana is in fact well worth a visit for its futuristic aesthetic thanks to Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa.

Check out the full results below:

The most instagrammed capitals in the world


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