Sharon Reid


A virtual call centre is where an organisation’s call centre employees are geographically scattered, rather than being situated in one centralised location. Employees may be located in various different centres, or perhaps work from their own homes. Virtual call centre specialists InverOak have outlined how this can be an attractive arrangement for many businesses and their staff members

1. Be available 24/7

If you want your business to be available for your customers 24/7, virtual call centres may be a good place to start. Virtual call centre systems can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection, making it easier for you to staff your telephone lines throughout the day and night. Whether you choose to use local personnel who can work from a location close to home (or even at home), or employ staff from around the globe with varied time zones, the added flexibility will help keep both your customers and employees happy.

2. Ideal working environment

Being at home provides the ideal working environment for many people. For the part-time worker, the stay at home mum, the worker who lives further from the city, or perhaps the company that needs to offer longer service hours yet can’t commit to the fixed cost of a new office space, the virtual contact centre can provide welcome benefits.

3. Data analytics

Most virtual call centre solutions use software that closely tracks and reports important key indicators such as call volumes, call durations, average hold times and call recordings. This enables the business owner to retain control over the commitment and performance levels of staff and, in turn, find new ways to improve the service offered to customers.

4. Lower employee turnover

Many times the hours and stress associated with call centre jobs can cause the industry to have a high employee turnover rate. With the solution of virtual call centres, you can provide a flexible working environment for your employees to help boost morale. This also allows the business owner to enjoy a consistently higher level of service from experienced call centre agents for years to come.

5. Cost reductions

A virtual call centre can save you a small fortune in infrastructure and will reduce or even eliminate specialised hardware, software and IT expenses. On average, virtual call centres can reduce 80% of the upfront capital, installation, configuration and ongoing costs – a significant saving to be made, especially if you’re in the process of setting up a new business venture.

With a variety of services that can save you money, improve the efficiency of your employees and increase the satisfaction of your customers, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are transferring to virtual call centres.


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