Sharon Reid


If you could work with any entrepreneur who would it be and why?


Emma Walker – Ashridge Security Management

“For me I would have to say Karren Brady, arguably Britain’s best known businesswoman. She has succeeded in a very competitive male dominated industry, which is something I can relate to,  she has had an incredible career and is truly an inspiring woman in business.”

Gideon Kasfiner – First Luggage

“Warren Buffet for me, simply for his unbelievable track record in his investments. His feel for different industries and foresight in the business world is admirable.”

Warren Buffet & his ukuele

Warren Buffet & his ukulele

Jules Quinn – The Teashed

“My friend, homeware designer Victoria Eggs. I think she is a great businesswoman and I would love for our businesses to come together at some point. I think we would work well together as we would balance each other. She is very organised, I am not. She is great at sales, I am not … maybe on reflection she wouldn’t want to work with me!”

Victoria Eggs

Victoria Eggs