Sharon Reid


If you could work with any entrepreneur who would it be and why?


Timothy Armoo – Fanbytes

“Zappos’ founder Tony Hsieh, I would like to work with someone like him. The reason why; Zappos has incredibly, great customer service; they have free shipping on all their products; you can call any member of their customer support team and have a chat! Whether you’re a customer or investor you can go into their offices and just chill! They are so transparent and really care about both customer and employee happiness. Tony Hsieh is really focused in creating a great working environment/culture where people enjoy their work and feel inspired.

 “Also Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter and Square for his sense of design; being able to create this brilliant product; Twitter is so simple.”

Jack Dorsey - Twitter

Jack Dorsey – Founder of  Twitter & Square

Nick Harding – Lending Works

“There’s a few fantastic entrepreneurs in Silicone Valley; they could add a huge amount to the team via their connections and experience such as the founders of Google and Paypal – those guys are truly inspirational.

“There are a number of fantastic British entrepreneurs, we are shown up at times by the guys from the valley, so I would focus on those people.”SV_signAllisonLogo

Jon Anders Fjeldsrud – Amathus Drinks

“Can’t think about anyone else as I work with some amazing people already Harry Georgiou, Ron Cooper, Jaime Muñoz and Sophie Decobecq.”

Ron Cooper - Founder of Del Muguey

Ron Cooper – Founder of Del Muguey

Sophie Decobecq - Creator of Calle 23 Tequilla

Sophie Decobecq – Creator of Calle 23 Tequilla