Sheila Hicks Balgobin


Sports and Flower Essences: A Natural Combination

Has it ever occurred to you that sports and flower essences are a natural combination? Since flower essences provide emotional support when we need it, they are useful for all aspects of our lives, including sports

How can Flower Essences Support an Athlete?

Flower essences can support athletes in various ways, including:

• Improve concentration
• Work through traumas resulting from accident/injury
• Calm pre-competition jitters
• Relaxation after exercise/performance

I used flower essences extensively during my seven and a half years as a capoeirista – capoeira is an athletic martial arts style from Brazil, and I can personally vouch for the difference it made to my performance; I seemed to develop eyes in the back of my head and could move faster and more fluidly than normal. It wasn’t just my imagination either – my teacher and fellow students noticed a clear difference in my game, although they weren’t aware of why I was so much better!

Suggested Essences for Common Issues

Below are some suggested essences which I have found to be helpful for athletes – though it should be remembered that, in order to receive the best essence(s) for your particular needs, consultation with a flower essence practitioner is required.

The essence ranges suggested are: Bach Flower Remedies (B); Spirit in Nature (SN); Green Hope Farm (GH); Australian Bush (AB) and my own Spirit of Makasutu (SM).image

Pre –Performance Jitters

Mimulus (B); Tomato, Almond (SN); Saw Palmetto, Baobab (SM)

To Aid Recovery from Accident/Injury

Dutchman’s Pipe, Pink Oleander (SM); Rescue Remedy(B); Pear (SN); Gray Spider Flower, Waratah, Bluebell (AB)

For Concentration/Focus

Coyote Mint, Corn Poppy (SM), Walnut, Scleranthus, Cerato (B); Avocado, Lettuce (SN); Sage, Lemon (GH)

Self –Confidence

Yellow Hibiscus (SM); Lavender, Bermudiana, Meadowsweet, Wintergreen (GH); Pineapple (SN); Mimulus, Larch, Elm (B)

The above essences are just a few of the many ranges produced around the world. Essences are simple, natural and provide emotional support; better still, they are portable, fitting easily into your bag or pocket.

So, the next time you can’t get that exercise routine right or get nervous before a competition, remember: sports and flower essences DO go together!

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