Sheila Hicks Balgobin


Aromatherapy for the Complete Athlete


In this two-part series on sports, part 1 will look at the relationship between sports and aromatherapy along with, how you can use essential oils to enhance your exercise or sports routine

Aromatherapy: It’s not Just for Sore Muscles!

Aromatherapy is useful for all parts of an athlete’s life – from pre-competition jitters to sore muscles and bruises. Essential oils can help calm the mind and focus the athelete’s attention for enhanced performance. The oils, whether used singly or in a custom-made blend can help to:

• Learn routines more quickly
• Stimulate motivation – especially when you don’t feel like training!
• Calm nervousness before a competition
• Help boost the immune system; which can weaken from over-training


Some Suggested Oils for Athletes

Of course, the most familiar means of using essential oils is in a massage blend – but oils can also be put on a tissue or handkerchief to smell, can be diffused through the air or used in a compress. A session in a steam room or sauna is enhanced with the use of oils – whether the oils are inhaled or used in a massage oil base. Note: DO NOT use oils neat – always mix with a base oil!

Below are some suggested oils which athletes can use in various situations: use 6-7 drops per 30ml of base oil: almond, grapeseed, sunflower, etc.image

Memory Enhancers

Lemon – Take note: Phototoxic – avoid sun exposure after 12 hour use
Rosemary – Take note: DO NOT USE if prone to seizures or epilepsy

Soothes Tired/Sore Muscles

Black Pepper

For Bruises & Sprains

Black Pepper

Stress Management

Chamomile (Roman)

Immune Stimulant

Tea Tree – Take note: May cause skin irritation for those with sensitive skin
Black Pepper – Take note: Hypertensive – raises blood pressure

Need a Personal Massage Blend?

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