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Time etc is a company that provides highly talented assistants for time strapped entrepreneurs. Founder Barnaby Lashbrooke reflects on his own personal experience. “I launched my first business at the age of 17, in my parent’s spare room. Built it up over a few years to 24,000 customers and then sold it. During this period I felt that the life of an entrepreneur is such that you always have a hundred jobs on your to –do list. I found it really hard to get everything done, there never seemed to be enough time. Time etc started because I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way for entrepreneurs to get the work done without having to hire people.”

The idea of a virtual assistant is an appealing prospect but the modus operandi can be a little exhausting. “The process is fully managed, we look after every element of the mechanics when completing a job on Time etc. You sign up and send a task to us which will be completed to a high standard without you having to do anything.” In comparison to other online platforms where you have to manage the assistant after the gruelling process of selection, Time etc are a breath of fresh air. “Time etc is much more streamlined, it’s really designed for busy entrepreneurs.” The virtual assistants on Time etc must be able to verify their identity, work history and educational background, along with an interview they must also display examples of their work. Time etc will also have them sit a skills test. “We encourage our clients to work with the same assistant, with the traditional freelance market places you are posting your projects to many people each time.”

Barnaby Lashbrook - Time etc

Barnaby Lashbrooke – Time etc

Time etc was launched in 2007, over this period attitudes have changed swiftly. In the UK many entrepreneurs and SME’s have embraced the idea of a virtual assistant. Barnaby remembers the start-up period with a sense of achievement. “When we started it was very difficult, in 2007 the idea of outsourcing tasks wasn’t as widely held as it is now. For the first few years it was very, very difficult and it didn’t meet my expectations, I was very disappointed. Growth of the company today is going through the roof, growing by 10% in one month. A third of our business now comes from the USA, which is the highest growth area for us at the moment.”

Time etc is a forward thinking company that is positioned well within the market and Barnaby can see a bigger and brighter future for the company. “The next 12 to 24 months is all about high growth, on-boarding as many users as we can. We are reaching a very small percentage of the world’s entrepreneurs, we want to show as many as possible in different countries around the world that there is a way to get work done without having to hire someone.”

In the words of a true entrepreneur Barnaby explains what he enjoys most about his role. “The impact that a new idea will have on people. Developing the idea is only part of it, once you launch the idea and you get people using it and you see the impact that it can have. You see people relying upon that idea everyday and perhaps in their business, that I think is what really excites about developing new ideas.”

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