Sharon Reid


Pancakes have evolved thanks to innovative chefs who have transformed the pancake from its humble lemon and sugar coated origins, pancakes now feature extravagant fillings such as: duck, salmon, caviar, and prawns, which begs the question when did pancakes suddenly become sophisticated?

Sixtyone, is one such restaurant that have re-invented the pancake and will be offering two limited edition pancake dishes this Shrove Tuesday – 17th February. The pancakes, created by Chef Patron, Arnaud Stevens, includes a Potato Nutmeg Pancake with Foi Gras and macerated Muscatel grapes. For those craving something sweeter, choose the light, fluffy, Lemon and Sugar Soufflé Pancakes.image

For a sophisticated pancake supper head down to Sixtyone this Shrove Tuesday. Alternatively, if you prefer your pancakes home –made, click here for Melrose & Morgan’s Pancake Recipe.

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