Sheila Hicks Balgobin


In the final part of the Valentine’s Series, we turn our attention to flower and vibrational essences, which can help “fine tune” our emotions and help us to relate better to both ourselves and our partners. Essences act as energetic “tuning forks” when our emotions are “out of tune”. By issuing a “true note” essences gently help us back to a balanced state 

Essences for Mood Enhancement

Essences can be taken orally, put in a bath/burner or added to a massage blend; yes, you can add them to the oils – just shake to mix! – for a powerful combination of essential oils and essences.

Below are some suggested essences from my own Spirit of Makasutu range, which are made with a non-alcohol preservative:

Pomegranate taps into feminine energy – it’s both for women AND men; who also need to nurture their “feminine” side. Guys, remember – there is nothing as appealing as a strong man who is confident enough in himself to show his softer side!image

Jasmine, like the Jasmine essential oil mentioned in Part 2 of this series, lifts us out of the ordinary, so that we can see all as divine – even when our partner forgets to buy a gift! Jasmine also helps us to get from under the weight of day to day reality – which can hamper our efforts to be loving towards our partners!

Red Hibiscus essence, made from a deep red blossom, is helpful in resolving intimacy issues for both sexes. It helps clear blocks that hamper personal relationships and communication – and can help with creativity (not just pro-creativity!).image

Ackee is a bold and sassy essence made in Jamaica – she takes no prisoners and will make sure you join the spheres of spiritual and physical love! This essence has a strong personality, so watch out!image

Samambaia essence is actually made from a fern – this lovely and abundant plan opens and expands the heart chakra. I can attest to the power of this plant – it has spread love, joy (and many, many cuttings) to nearly my entire extended family!

For more information on the properties of these all of the Spirit of Makasutu essences, please visit The Healing Garden.

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