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Over the last few weeks we have discussed how to establish yourself online. We have now come to the point that your website is up and running! Congratulations!

Don’t be disappointed if you are not number one on Google from the first day you launched your website. It can take up to six months before your website is properly indexed, but if you have followed our tips you should be starting to see some results. So here’s our four tips to keep your Google ranking healthy without spending a fortune on advertising. This is all provided you have followed our tips from two weeks ago, when you were ready to launch your website!

1. Be important

It’s likely you will have promoted your website when you initially launched. It is incredibly important that you continue to do this. If you have a lot of websites and articles linking back to your website, Google will think that your content is important and therefore needs to be higher up the pecking order. Please ensure that you get back links from high quality websites. Google wants quality over quantity.

2. Monitor how well your website is respected

We advise you at the very least to install the MozRank toolbar. This allows you to see how many links each page has received and what your page authority is. It tells you in one quick overview how important your website is regarded, and what people are saying about you. You can also keep an eye on your Alexa rank to see how you’re performing.image

3. Write about your business in blogs, and have others do guest blogs

Making sure you keep your website content up to date is vital for your ranking; although it will not have a big immediate effect, it does show Google you’re not dead yet. Updating your company pages every time is not always necessary, so a blog is a good solution. By creating new and fresh content every so often you show you’re still alive and kicking, and it can prompt interest from others too. In addition, having people write guest blogs will also help with your back links.

4. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, who is number two?

Yahoo? Bing? Nope. It’s YouTube. Which technically is still Google. The interesting thing though, is that using YouTube is becoming more of a way to market your brand. It’s not just a place to watch videos about cats. If there’s anything in particular you want to share, then YouTube is the perfect place to do so. You may need to invest in a good camera and maybe brush up your video editing skills. However, once you’ve gained a following on YouTube, your website will be skyrocketing too.


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