Sheila Hicks Balgobin


In part 2 of the Valentine’s series, we will turn our attention to aromatherapy oils and the power of smell to turn up the heat in your bedroom…or living room…or kitchen!

Scented oils have been used since ancient times for healing, spiritual enlightenment…and for love. Used in baths, burners, room sprays or massage blends, the use of essential oils can heighten a romantic evening – and the effects last longer than a bunch of flowers. You can go expensive or not, but do go and get yourself an oil or two to share with your loved one! Below are various suggestions at both ends of the price scale for you to consider:

Expensive – but You’re Worth It!

The oils below are among the most expensive you can buy, but they are so powerful, you only need (literally) a drop or two. Yes, they aren’t cheap, but haven’t you had enough of cheap dates? Go for quality, rather than quantity!

Rose essential oil opens the heart chakra, while Jasmine spiritualises relationships. Ylang’s warm and sensuous scent is heady, careful, though – too much and you might spoil the mood by developing a headache! While Neroli’s soft and sweet scent encourages innocent and pure enjoyment of sex.

Open Your Heart – NOT Your Wallet!

However, you don’t have to break the bank to get a sweet response from your partner – below are some oils that have similar effects, without draining your bank account:

Essential oilVetiver
Love boost – Very grounding with an earthy smell, Vetiver can help deepen and enrich relationships.

Essential oil Ginger
Love boost – Acts as a sexual tonic; encourages warmth and literally spices things up.image

Essential oilGeranium
Love boost – Geranium is helpful for people whose inner insecurities make it difficult for them to receive from others.

Essential oilJuniper
Love boost – Promotes vigor and self-assurance; it also clears a room or space of heavy energy.

Essential oilLavender
Love boost – Helps people who may be over-sensitive

Essential oilCardamom
Love boost – Cardamom enhances the desire for intimacy.

These are just a few suggestions – but the best oil of all is…the one that makes you feel good! Your nose (and body) knows what you need…so experiment!

In the third and final part of the Valentine’s Series, flower and vibrational essences will be the focus – learn how essences can spice up your life every day!

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