Sharon Reid


If you could work with any entrepreneur who would it be and why?


Kitty Shepherd –Shepherds’ Markets

“Nigella Lawson because she’s very interested in food and I’m very interested in food. She’s done very well and clearly understood what people like which is the driving force behind her success, I think she’s quite inspirational in that respect.”

Keivor John – Harvey & John

We met Richard Reed while filming BBC 3’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’, he would be a valuable asset to have onboard, he’s a genuinely nice guy and he seemed to ‘get it’ (our business) and he would’ve been able to get the most out of our creativity and make it profitable.

“The way he grew Innocent was just brilliant; they managed to grow that brand in a genius, unconventional way –he blazed his own trail.”

Richard Reed - Innocent Smoothies

Richard Reed – Innocent Smoothies

Madeline Parra – Twizoo

Paul Graham. I’ve been reading Paul Graham’s blog since I was 17/18, I think that he has incredible insight and relentless focus on what a start –up needs to succeed. If you watch videos of him or read his interviews, he’s so good at honing in on what exactly is the problem that the start –up is trying to solve and how to get the start -up to solve that problem? I think that almost any start –up that works with Paul Graham has a really high chance of succeeding because of his talents.”

Paul Graham - Y Combinator

Paul Graham – Y Combinator