Sharon Reid


Michelin –starred Indian restaurant Tamarind of Mayfair are launching a tasting menu, although the concept of a tasting menu is not new; plenty of high –end restaurants provide this option, however, the launch of The Taste of Tamarind menu is Tamarind of Mayfair’s first foray into this area.

The Taste of Tamarind menu will comprise of specially selected six –courses of eclectic, tasty dishes, diners are certainly in for a treat! Tamarind’s dishes originate from traditional Moghul cuisine where it is customary to cook fish, meat and game in authentic tandoor ovens – clay ovens that slow –cook meat until it is tender and juicy.

Diners will be taken on a gastronomic journey of Northern Indian cuisine with dishes such as: Channa Chaat -a traditional dish made with white chickpeas, followed by a starter of grilled scallop with smoked peppers and tomato chutney, then Tandoor grilled baby chicken breast, puréed tomato with fenugreek leaves.Channa Chaat

A Tamarind and date sorbet is served as a palette cleanser between courses, before a main dish of Elliot farm lamb chops with raw papaya, fennel and star anise is served.

Side dishes of spiced spinach, vegetable dal makhni, pulao rice and warm, toasted naan are served alongside the main course, making for tasty accompaniments.Gajjar Halwa Carrot Fudge, Pistachio Kulfi

While, petit fours of carrot, fudge and pistachio kulfi offer a touch of sweetness to balance and finish the feast.

The Taste of Tamarind menu offers a great introduction to North Indian food, it is definitely worth visiting this elegant restaurant for its gentle ambience and most importantly the stand –out food.

The six course Taste of Tamarind menu will be available in February and is priced at £65 per person or £115 per person with a wine flight. For reservations and further information please visit: