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In this first part of a three -part Valentine’s Day Series, I look at common herbs you can find in your supermarket or on your farmer’s market stall which can help enhance your love life

Chocolate, while delicious and the active ingredient theobroma, encourages the production of the same endorphins or feel good hormones as those produced by being in love, chocolate is exorbitantly expensive, especially around Valentine’s Day, and also fattening! Chocolate although divine, is a short term fix.

Herbs, on the other hand, are in it for the long haul; herbs not only support and maintain good health, herbs also encourage good sexual health.

Damiana - Natural 'Viagra'

Damiana – Natural ‘Viagra’

Some of you may already be using a herb-derived sexual stimulant, known in the pharmaceutical world as Viagra, in its natural state, it’s called Damiana, which Amazon basin natives have been using for centuries as a general and sexual tonic. However, it’s becoming rarer in the wild due to the explosion of Viagra sales. There are other herbs, however, that are more easily accessible which you could try to boost your love life:

HerbOnion & Garlic
Love boost– These two superfoods are not only natural antibiotics, but have been considered as aids to virillity since antiquity. Try the odourless forms if you think the smell will negatively impact your love life!image

Love boost – In Mexico, the roots of this plant are used to make a tea to enhance virility.

Love boost – Ladies, I haven’t forgotten you. In years gone by French women would drink an ‘anisette flavoured’ beverage containing Licorice to improve both the health of their skin and their love life.

Effect – Although not a herb, pollen is a wonderful healer for many ills; it has been used to enhance the immune system, maintain virility and help with ‘female troubles’ throughout history.

Love boost – Fenugreek helps keep the body healthy by keeping it mucous –free, which clogs up the entire system. It’s also good for the hair and skin, increases milk production in nursing mothers, also regular use perfumes the body from the inside out! Because of its mucous –clearing capacity, it’s also helpful for asthma and lowering cholesterol.

HerbSaw Palmetto
Love Boost – The berries have been used by Native Americans in California and the Southeastern US, to normalise under-active sex glands and improve their functioning, along with normalising breast size (whether too big or too small). It also appears to be helpful with prostrate enlargement.

These are but a few of the many herbs, spices and other common foods you can use to help boost your love life – experiment, go into local spice shops for more information and ideas – and spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day!

In part 2 of the Valentine’s Day series, we’ll be looking at aromatherapy oils to help you get in (and stay in) the mood….

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