Sheila Hicks Balgobin


In this case study, I will demonstrate how dreams can be used to reduce your stress – if you’re willing to take the time to pay attention to the message being sent to you by your unconscious mind

If you take the time to listen to what your unconscious mind has to say, it can be your greatest ally. But be warned – when we don’t heed the message, we cause ourselves unnecessary stress!

The Dream: Where’s my Belt?

*Carole woke up around five am because of an odd dream; she dreamt she was dressed in a black outfit and looking frantically for a belt to wear.  She jotted down the dream details she could remember and promptly forgot about it, as she was rushing to get to a weekend workshop.

The Workshop

The facilitator for the workshop was a tutor with whom Carole did not get along with and during the course of the day the friction between Carole and the tutor boiled over.  Carole was in tears and feeling emotionally aggrieved about her treatment by the tutor in front of her fellow workshop attendees.

The Dream: “I Told you So!”Woman_Judo

The meaning of the dream Carole had earlier that morning was only clear as she left the workshop for home – and she smiled wryly when she “got it”.  Carole was a martial artist (who wears a white uniform and her belt) but in the dream, she was dressed in black and searching for her belt.  The dream showed her in opposite colours to indicate the contrast to her conscious life – instead of participating in peace in her martial arts class, she was actually preparing for war (but couldn’t find her belt).

The dream had actually warned Carole of what was to come, but she neither understood nor heeded the message – with the unpleasant consequences that followed at the workshop.

Dreams don’t lie!

What are YOUR dreams telling you?

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*Name and details have been changed.