Sharon Reid


For me Aspen will always be synonymous with a fur –clad Mariah Carey flanked by a gigantic entourage. As I have never visited Aspen my opinion has been formed through poring over tabloid images of Mariah, the Kardashians, et al, despite my ignorance I recently received news of a fabulous pop –up Champagne bar in Aspen.

The Little Nell’s Oasis is considered the world’s only pop –up Champagne and caviar bar, located on Aspen Mountain, its exclusivity is cemented by the fact that guests have to follow clues in order to find out where exactly this pop –up will be located.

For those of you not too au fait with Aspen, The Little Nell is Aspen’s only ski in/ski out, five –star hotel, not only can guests enjoy unbridled luxury they also get unparalleled access to America’s premium mountain town.image

The Oasis is in full operation during the afternoon between Friday – Sunday, there is a new location every weekend and it can easily be identified due to the distinctive yellow branded Veuve Clicquot umbrellas and chaise –lounges.

If you are planning a trip to Aspen, make sure that you are on The Little Nell trail, for details of their legendary Oasis pop –up simply check out The Little Nell’s Twitter and Facebook.image

Lead-in rates at The Little Nell are from £295 per room per night for the 2015 winter season with The Little Nell Powder Tours available from £288 per person or £248 per person for a cat buyout (10 seats). Snow grooming available from £62 for two people. For bookings and further information please visit: