Sharon Reid


Did you break your fast this morning? Or perhaps you are amongst the 47% who skip breakfast, opting instead for sugary, fat laden, mid –morning snacks to alleviate your hunger? For those who choose unhealthy mid -morning snacks, I have some some sad, yet inevitable news; you are more likely to gain weight. According to a study from the University of Bath, those who make time for a nutritious breakfast, burn more calories throughout the day and have much better control of their blood sugar compared to their breakfast skipping counterparts.

I can not imagine starting my day without breakfast; nothing beats a warming bowl of porridge flavoured with coconut blossom sugar, dates and fresh ginger, topped with chia seeds – yum! It’s Breakfast Week (25th -31st January) maybe this could persuade all you hard-core breakfast skippers to sack the sugary snacks for a hearty cooked breakfast, satisfying smoothie or my personal favourite – porridge. If you prefer your breakfast prepared by ‘professionals’, check out the following for inspiration:

Where: Brew
Located In: Putney, Battersea, Clapham and Wimbledon

What’s for Breakfast?

Unconventional breakfast fare ranging from Turkish Poached Eggs: served with hung yoghurt, hot chilli butter and toasted pide; Pan –Fried Field Mushrooms: accompanied with aged balsamic vinegar and pesto; Soft –Boiled Burford Brown Eggs & Soldiers – spread with Marmite or Vegemite; Home –Made Granola with Roasted Plums. Coco Pops also feature for those who prefer something less extravagant.

Brew regulars swear by the Brindisa Chorizo Scrambled Eggs with Sourdough Toast, heartily satisfying for anytime of the day albeit breakfast, brunch or ‘brinner!’

For a varied eclectic menu made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, grab a breakfast bite at Brew. For further information please visit:

Where: Polo 24 Hour Bar
Located: Bishopsgateimage

What’s for Breakfast?

Breakfast Pie – imagine a full English Breakfast transported into a pie, think: Cumberland sausage, dry cured bacon, cheddar gorge cheese medley, topped with a free-range fried egg and crumbled black pudding all encased within a crisp pastry case. This dish is certainly not for light weights – this filling pie and its hearty portions will definitely set you up for the day. Alternatively, you could eat this later for dinner along with most breakfast options, which makes me wonder whether dinner as we know it could be replaced with brinner!

For further information please visit:

To keep the calories at bay and a great start to your day eat your breakfast!