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Heralding from Michele Pernetta – the woman who brought Bikram yoga to London in the early 90s, Fierce Grace Yoga is (literally) the hottest way to practice yoga, setting pulses raising across London

With six studios across the capital, Fierce Grace yoga classes give practitioners the chance to achieve the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility for both body and mind.

Fierce Grace’s unique sequences, which range from 50 to 90 minute classes, adhere to ancient yogic principles, based on classical Hatha, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga; conducted in a 35-40 degree room, allowing for optimum results in a minimum amount of time.

Despite being led by some of the best yoga teachers in the business, Fierce Grace’s playful and empowering mantra; “Yoga is not about perfecting a pose, or eating tofu. Yoga is being courageous. Yoga is about being happy, being who you are now, even if that doesn’t look perfect;” has made for a series of five classes which are accessible and effective for everyone.DSC_0135

These five classes are Core, Classic, Fierce Grace, Fierce (aka The Beast) and The Fix, and this variety gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule and mood whilst still working together as a whole.

I’m a huge fan of the 90 minute Fierce Grace class, which pushes you, works up a serious sweat and leaves you relaxed and at inner peace thanks to its meditation stage towards the end of the class.

Fierce Grace (80 – 90 minutes) The 49 Steps to peak fitness and health. This challenging but user-friendly general level class, with hip openers, upper body strength, bum toners and core stability for a fully rounded workout.

A fun and expanded general level class working 100% of the body, this class combines the central poses of classical Hatha Yoga, Bikram, Power and Ashtanga Yoga and is designed to bring peak fitness, strength, flexibility and alignment._MG_3318_HR

Working arms, core and bum, combined with deep hip, shoulder and leg stretches, this class will help you gain cardiovascular fitness, stamina and flexibility while realigning your skeletal system.

This class is performed to relaxing music to help you get out of your mind and in tune with your body, it is 80 minutes with an optional 10 minutes relaxation/meditation. Be prepared to work hard and sweat!

The Other Classes

Core (75 minutes) is a deep, slow class designed to open you and de-stress you on every level. An intense warm up prepares you for long, deep floor stretches to realign, resolve and release.

The deepest stretch out there; for the burned out, unfit, injured or those who want to take the time to stretch the parts other classes do not reach.

This is a class created with a chilled out vibe that focuses on deep realignment. Newcomers to hot power yoga or the very unfit are advised to do three Core classes before joining the general class. Everyone is advised to do Core once or twice a week to remind the body of correct alignment, deep breathing, continuously work on deep-seated musculo-skeletal issues and to totally de-stress._MG_3295_HR

Classic 39 – (90 minutes and 39 poses) is their traditional hot yoga class. The Classic brings deep alignment, stamina-building, strength and flexibility. A great whole body workout.

The class allows you the chance to try some pose variations, expand your yoga experience and have fun, in a no-frills, motivating style. Be prepared to sweat!

Fierce (aka The Beast – one hour 45 minutes) An advanced class which is tough but friendly to take you to the next level in strength, flexibility, balance and patience delivered with a sense of humour.

For the next generation of yogis, this class is guaranteed to take your yoga practice to new heights with arm balancing poses, deep hip opening, inversions, lotus, shoulder opening, deep backbends and deeper meditation.

Taught in an encouraging atmosphere, the general level practitioner is encouraged to work at their own pace while they are learning the correct stages of entry into these poses, whilst the advanced practitioner is encouraged to explore new horizons under expert guidance. “Fierce” makes us superhuman with its wide alphabet of physical, emotional and spiritual expression.

The Fix (50 minutes).The condensed version of everything with some added surprises. This is a super-charged 50-minutes designed to get you fitter faster.

This 50-minute class whips you into shape faster than you can say ‘Namaste’. For the motivated person on a tight schedule, this is an effective no-frills yoga class combining cardiovascular sweat-inducing poses, strength, flexibility, body sculpting, and stress-release through breath and relaxation.

Do it in your lunch hour, or on your way home from work and your energy levels will soar. Thirty minutes standing, twenty minutes floor work to leave you revitalised and raring to go.

Ideal for those looking to get fit or take up yoga as their New Years resolution, Fierce Grace has an Introductory offer of 30 consecutive days for only £39.

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