David Walker


Digital marketing has become the cornerstone to business success. If you’re not online, you don’t exist and with the help of social media channels your business image has never been more scrutinised. Nothing says this more than the fact that 51% percent of businesses will be increasing their digital budget in 2015. A true sign that online is now king.

But with so much hype surrounding the new kid on the block, are your efforts bringing in the leads and sales that are necessary to your business?

As a new and ever changing medium it’s easy to throw all your eggs in one basket and hope for the best. However, with all good marketing strategies planning and thorough organisation is required to get the phone ringing.

Make A Decision

With so many social channels available ensure you understand where your customers are spending their time. You need to know your customers to know their social habits. There are many infographics  which can help you understand where your target market can be reached. Find out where they are and focus your time on these platforms.

Don’t waste your time on areas which are not going to gain any momentum as you’ll simply be a drop in the ocean.image

Be Relevant

Social Channels are inundated with irrelevant posts and tweets.

Question whether what you’re putting out there is actually of use to your customers; another cat video may be humorous but is it even relevant to your industry?

Have a clear idea on what you want to get across to your followers, combining both humour and information can be a winning formula to presenting your company as a useful source with a personality.

Get Organised

If you have the privilege of a social team then you’re half way there. If, however you’re a small business with a limited budget, organising your social campaigns is essential to winning the battle. There are many useful tools out there such as Sprout Social , which enables you to schedule your posts and tweets whilst you carry on with the day to day running of business. Pre-planning will help you ensure the highest reach of your posts.

Make It Count

Now that you’ve got a great social campaign running, it’s time to make it convert; adding a call to action on your posts is simply a no brainer.

Yet it’s when those calls come through that you’re going to be really put to the test; call conversion rates drops after just 5 minutes, once you’ve got the phone ringing make it count!