Sheila Hicks Balgobin


In part 1 of our New Year, New Health Series we will take a look at how vibrational essences can help you keep your New Year resolutions

Another Promise Broken?image

It’s that time of year again – soon we’ll be holding our heads (or stomachs) and promising ourselves to do things differently in the New Year.

Do you really mean it – or is it just another promise to yourself that you’ll probably not keep?

Essences can help you to stick to your stated goals for 2015 – particularly if you are trying to quit smoking or wish to reduce/eliminate your alcohol intake.

Keeping Your Promise to Yourselfimage

While there are many reasons as there are essences to help you cope with stress and see your goals through to completion, below are a few essences which can be helpful in adhering to your New Year’s resolutions and keeping the promises you have made to yourself.

Essence – Yerba Santa aka ‘Holy Herb, produced by Flower Essence Services (FES)
Helps with – Frees lungs/heart to acknowledge and release stored emotions

Essence – Nicotiana aka ‘Flowering Tobacco’, produced by FES
Helps with – Use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol to numb feelings or to feel relaxed

Essence – Tomato, produced by Spirit in Nature Essences
Helps with – Courage to face addictive behaviour

Essence – Almond, produced by Spirit in Nature Essences
Helps with – Sobriety

Essence – Ackee, produced by Spirit of Makasutu
Helps with – Release of toxic emotions

Essence – Baobab, produced by Spirit of Makasutu
Helps with – Perseverance

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