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The internet has proven to be an essential medium for new businesses, establishing an online presence can often be pretty daunting. Fortunately Bleddyn Pijpers, Account Director at Hire Media Network, a London-based creative agency is on hand to offer useful advice

Establishing yourself online

First of all – congratulations! You have decided to start your own business. Many people dream of having their own business but there are very few like you, who actually take the step. You have an idea, an idea that is better, faster, stronger or more unique than your competitors. But how do you take the idea, and communicate this to your potential customers?

A big part of your marketing communication is likely to take place online, so let’s start with the basics.

1. Online starts offline

When you decide on a company name, you need to make sure that your name and brand are unique enough to be found and to be remembered easily. At the same time your company name needs to give a clear indication of the kind of business you’re running. When you’ve decided on a name, do a Google search to see how unique your name is. Will it be easy to find, or are there too many companies with similar names?

Our top tip: avoid abbreviations such as ‘ABC Consulting’ – names like these are too consolidated and you’re only making it difficult for your customers to understand your business.

2. Set a budget for your (online) marketing

It sounds easy – but you really need to think about how you want to sell and interact with your customers. Do you want Google rankings, do you want trade shows, do you want to sell via Social Media? Determine your strategy and make a budget for your chosen strategy. Although you may be taken aback by the cost of getting your marketing done professionally, remember that this is the very first impression your customers will have of your brand. If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait and see how expensive an amateur turns out to be!

 Bleddyn Pijpers - Hire Media Network

Bleddyn Pijpers – Hire Media Network

Our top tip: Cash flow is crucial for start-ups so don’t spend a fortune on things you don’t need. But on the other hand, don’t cut corners on essential communication methods. A £500 website may look like a great deal, but for serious businesses it often does not work.

3. Your call to action – online and offline

A call to action is the most important piece of communication strategy – and sadly also the piece that often gets the least attention. You can have a really great website, a fantastic company video or a beautiful brochure. But when your customers visit your website, watch your video or read your brochure, what do you want them to do next? What action do you want them to take, after they have seen your work?

Our top tip: Everything you do, you do because you want to achieve a specific result. This is the single most important aspect of any communication, whether it be online or offline. What result do I want to achieve? Ask yourself this question in everything you do, and make sure this is clearly visible in your communication.


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